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Dar Rabha, the ideal place to immerse yourself in the scents and sounds of the medina of Fez, this house is simple and charming in the heart of the spiritual capital of Morocco.

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Advice to Travellers

Advice to Travellers.

Be aware of People on Trains and Buses that claim that to be Doctors or Lawyers living abroad they usually have other intentions.

Be careful of Hustlers in the Medina and elsewhere offering tours of the Medina there ore official Guides that can be organised.

If you are guided to the Riad ( Show your Reservation Paper) by Someone it is customary to give him a small Tip.
If you are then offered a Tour of the Medina the following day  Just explain that  you don't need a Tour and thank him for his trouble.

A Tour of the Medina can be arranged at the Riad.
Just ask Reception staff and tell them what you would  like to see and they will accomadate to your wishes.

Be aware that there are Hustlers selling Hashish that can be mixed with glue and spices this can be an uncomfortable and sickening experience if taken, they also offer different tours,like a trip to Ketama etc.

Be aware these people have other intentions.

Be aware that it is illegal to have or use and carry Drugs in Morocco.