A Trip to the Hammam

The Hammam is like a Turkish Bath, Moroccans usually don't have bathrooms in their homes so the go to Hammams to wash,they also where under garments whilst in th Hammam as not to show their private area's.
Enjoy a relaxing and rewarding trip to the Hammam, this is very good experience for mind and body while you are staying in Morrocco.
In Fes Medina we have several Hammams.
Men and Woman go at different times do the day.
There are Men only Hammams open all day and into the night.
Get a full body scrub and Massage while your at the Hammam. Agree on the price first.!
There are mixed Hammams in the new city these are a bit more expensive.
Ask Reception for details and times and costs.

What to bring.

A Towl
Bath slippers
Something to wear in the Hammam
Bring a bottle of water.
A small bucket.

Henna tattoo

The Henna Tattoo is an ancient Tradition in Morrocco and is mainly adorned by women for Wedding Celebrations and Festive occasions, The Bride has Henna Tattoos put on her Hands and feet, sometimes even the entire arm is adorned with the intricate detail of the Henna Tattoo.
There are also designs for men.
The designs will vary per artist and occasion.
Ask at Reception for more information.

Cooking classes